Every Day Obedience

One of the challenges I have living in Montana, where the winter days are pretty short, is finding the time to train my dogs, Keo and Willson. Most days it's dark when I head to work and it's dark when I get home. This makes it a bit challenging to train the dogs. While not perfect, one of the things I do every day is work obedience into common activities. Every night while in the house the dogs are told at random times to go to their "place" and they need to remain there until released. The other big training activity we do every day is during feeding time. The dogs are always placed at a heel position when I get their food ready. They are then released one at a time to eat. I sometimes make them wait a long time or other days I make them lay down before releasing them. All of this is done to help the dogs to be obedient when excited and this is the type of training that pays off in the pheasant field. Here is a quick clip showing me and the dogs during feeding time: